Mercy of God, shielding us from merited punishments - I trust in You

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Lets thank GOD for all the graces HE grant us.

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In Montréal, the acquaintance of Our Merciful Jesus and of Sister Faustina was started around 1957. Mlle Christina Stouka, Polish noblewoman, was a teacher and directed her own private school in Poland; her sister Mlle Sophie, accompanied her. She was secretary to the Polish Primate, His Eminence Cardinal Wyszynski. These two persons formed a prayer group under the direction Monsieur Rosario LeSieur, Priest of Saint Sulpice, in service at the Major Seminary of Montreal at that time.

The prayer group met at the following address:
4110 Avenue Western, Suite 1, Montréal 6. Téléphone: Fl 2916

One and only Festivity of the Divine Mercy was celebrated, not in a Church but in the Chapel of the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre-Dame.-Dame. Then on March 6, 1959, a note came from the Congregation of the Holy Office, prohibiting the propagation of the cult of the Divine Mercy according to the devotional form of Sister Faustina. In full obedience to the Church, the group was dissolved. The object of this note was lifted by the Holy Congregation on April 15 1978.

Persons took up again the devotion to Divine Mercy but, to our knowledge, a group did not appear before 1985. Mrs. Celine Archambault formed a group under the direction of the pastor, Fr Bernard Signori, who offered a hall and chapel for the moments of prayer.

Mme Céline Archambault died on March 13, 1993 et Father Bernard Signori died on April 3 2004. The work of Jesus’ Divine Mercy continues still today its activities Note its mission, spirituality and growing influence.

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